About Me

Hi I’m Brock

Welcome to the Bigger Garden! Here you will find tips and tricks to help you grow more with less space. I’ve been gardening now for just over a decade and have a passion for trying new things that aren’t often talked about. While I love the taste and experience that comes from a sun-baked tomato, I have grown to find a passion for indoor gardening. Living in a cooler climate we really only get 4 months of good growing weather so gardening in-doors is a must to keep my sanity!

A little bit more about myself,

I’m a happily married dad of 2, we have a beautiful baby girl and a handsome little man who appears to have gotten my green thumb.

My son
My Son Carson

My passion for gardening began when I was in college, the typical time when people begin to form new ideas about the world. What sparked my passion for learning more about this ancient craft was seeing the issues that honey bees were having with pesticides being used. Entire multimillion colonies were being whipped out in an afternoon simply because they wondered into the wrong field to feed.

This didn’t seem right to me, the health of something so crucial to our ecosystem was being ignored. This led me to organic practices like kelp fertilizer, bone meal and other natural sources for macro nutrients. Eventually this led me to discover controlled microclimates that can be created through hydroponics which seems to be the solution for world as we move forward to a place with less pesticides being used.

Now I like to share my learnings through Bigger Garden to show others how they can grow their favourite fruits and vegetables year-round! Regardless of where you live.

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