Me Brock and my son Carson 1
Me (Brock) and my son (Carson)

Hi I’m Brock

Welcome to the Bigger Garden! Here you will find tips and tricks to help you grow more with less space. I’ve been gardening now for just over a decade and have a passion for trying new things that aren’t often talked about. While I love the taste and experience that comes from a sun-baked tomato, I’ve more recently become obsessed with indoor gardening and hydroponics. Living in a cooler climate we really only get 4 months of good growing weather so gardening in-doors is a must to keep my sanity!

A little bit more about myself,

I’m a happily married dad of 2, our family includes a lovely baby girl and a little man who seems to have inherited my green thumb.

My son
My Son Carson

I first became interested in gardening when I was in college, a time when many of us begin to explore new ideas about the world. What sparked my curiosity for learning more about this ancient craft was witnessing the devastating impact of pesticides on honey bee populations. It troubled me deeply that something so crucial to our ecosystem was being ignored, and I felt compelled to take action.

As I delved deeper into gardening, I became passionate about organic practices such as using kelp fertilizer, bone meal, and other natural sources for macro nutrients in my garden. I also discovered the power of controlled microclimates, including hydroponics, as a way to grow plants without relying on harmful pesticides.

I believe that everyone can benefit from the joys and benefits of gardening, and I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. By embracing organic practices and sustainable growing techniques, we can create a healthier, more inclusive world for all living beings.

Now I like to share my learnings through Bigger Garden to show others how they can grow their favorite fruits and vegetables year-round! Regardless of where you live.

espaliered apple tree
espaliered apple tree
IMG 4352
Ripe Apple

I’m often asked what the most interesting plant I’ve grown. At this point I’d have to say the espaliered apple tree I planted in my back garden takes the cake.

If you’re not familiar with the practice, espaliered trees are ones that are specially pruned to grow flat against wall or lined up with other espaliered trees to create a remarkable garden fence.

 In fact, George Washington was famously known for using espaliered trees as ornamentals to frame the growing space of his garden in Mount Vernan.

Small green apple
Small green apple with a bite taken

What I thought that was particularly unique about the espaliered apple tree that I planted was that each branch was grafted on from a different variety of apple tree. This allowed the flowers to cross pollinate with each other creating new sub-varieties which wouldn’t be possible without another nearby apple tree. – Amazing!

Habanero peppers
Habanero peppers

I’ve also been known to make a mean hot sauce from my garden peppers which is why you always see at least one or two hot pepper plants in my crop rotations.