How To Use Molasses In Your Garden

Molasses Comes From Sugar Canes And Is Rich In phosphorus & Calcium

Plants Like Tomatoes Thrive On Calcium And Need Phosphorous  For Flower And Fruit Development

Molasses Can Be Used To Create Compost "Tea" A Brewed Form Of Fertilizer To Improve Soil Micro-Activity

Is That's Not Your "Cup Of Tea" Try Applying Molasses To The Leaves Of Your Plants As A Foliar Spray

Molasses Also Acts As A Powerful Pest Control Since The Sugars Are Concentrated Beyond What Ants And Other Insects Can Digest

Be Careful Though! Molasses Can Decrease Your Soil pH Making It Hard For Alkaline Loving Plants To Draw Up Nutrients. Use Alongside a  pH Buffer Like Humic Acid For Best Results

Follow The Link To Learn More About Molasses And Get Ready To Grow Bigger Gardens.  

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