How to Add Moss Wall Art to Your Home

Are you looking to add more greenery to your indoor space? Moss wall art has become a popular way to bring some more nature into your home. Moss wall art is particularly useful for those who may be lacking the green thumb of a gardener. With fresh moss preservation you can keep the vibrant colors without the fret of watering and caring for a living plant.  To be honest, they are one my favorite ways of bringing greenery indoors. Let’s get into more detail and find out more about how you can add moss wall art to your home.

Office with moss art

Why Add Moss Wall Art to Your Home?

In recent years, the interior design world began gravitating toward some of the best concepts and designs for moss wall art and it has kept increasing since then. This is due to the fact that nature has been shown to have healing properties, and having a bit of it in your living space is quite beneficial.

The green color and its overall vibrant appearance can improve moods, boost levels of productivity and focus, improve memory and increase energy levels.

The decoration trend has shifted from adding small plastic plants in the house to creating a DIY moss wall art. Designs and works of art inspired by moss have recently emerged from all corners of the world, and people can’t get enough of them.

Moss art can serve as a stunning and one-of-a-kind addition to the interior design of your home, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. It requires very little maintenance if any at all. All you need to do is keep it in a humid environment and sprinkle it with a small amount of water. Moreover, moss is particularly effective at cleaning the air. Some living moss walls even have soundproofing abilities, which I personally love.

Green wall outside

What is Moss Wall Art?

Have you ever seen one of those urban or commercial advertisements that feature a huge, beautiful green wall art? That’s moss wall art or green graffiti.

Moss wall art is a new and unique style of floral art that uses moss to create a natural decor piece. It is a rather modern form that has been popular because of the natural look it brings to a sea of city concrete. The difference between moss wall art and any other wall art is that it uses moss as the main element instead of paints, sprays, or chemicals. The resulting effect is a more visually appealing and environmentally friendly alternative to typical graffiti.

It also adds a touch of flair to a room that otherwise lacks appeal.

Moss walls are a great way to bring nature indoors for those who are craving more greenery in their lives. You can virtually install it on any wall without compromising on space.

large indoor moss wall 1

Benefits of Moss Wall Art

Moss wall art provides all of your favorite moss wall benefits without any effort. They filter the air, keep the temperature, and look gorgeous. Here are some amazing benefits of moss wall art:

Low Maintenance

The low-maintenance and quality of the attractive moss panel is one of the biggest draws for most people. Moss walls, unlike living plant walls, do not need constant light or water, making them ideal for people who are always on the go and for spaces lacking natural light.

They don’t require much water, or soil just two hours of sunlight in the morning. Moreover, the foliage presents naturally help to keep insects away. Watering moss wall art occasionally, trimming regularly and giving safety heat treatments is all you need to keep them growing healthy and vibrant.  

Low Energy Costs

Moss walls add an additional layer of insulation, which is quite beneficial during the winter months. Since the layer maintains the warmer temperature of the house, the overall energy consumption gradually reduces. Not just that, moss also acts as a cooling agent, which is great for summer.

Unlimited Designs

The design options are practically unlimited when it comes to moss wall art. You can  buy moss of any colour, and mould it to fit any design. With so many options available, you can either among one of them or make an easy DIY moss wall.

In order to create a multi -dimensional appearance, you can use natural elements like vines or other plants. You can also use tree branches or driftwood to improve your artwork and give it a more personal touch.

moss wall art on corner

What is the Difference Between Moss Wall Art and Living Moss Panels?

The major difference between a moss wall art and living moss panels is creativity. Living moss panels are basically panels made of moss. Think of it as a blank canvas made of moss. Moss wall art gives that blank canvas more style and variation to increase it’s visual and artistic appeal, just like a painting.

It comes in a ton of shapes, including animals, letters, plants, or numbers. You can customize it the way you want and create your very own piece of home decor.

How to Create Your Own Moss Wall Art

Moss wall art blurs the fine line between nature and decor even more. All you need is a pre made wall panel to fix your art piece and hang it on the wall. However, if you are feeling crafty, you can create a DIY moss wall art piece. Before you start, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Choose Your Type of Moss

The majority of DIY art pieces I have seen depicts an array of vibrant greens. But moss comes in a variety of colors. It’s up to you to choose the shape form and color that resonates with you most. Here are the most used types of moss:

Living Moss

Living moss walls are more suitable for the outdoors since they usually incorporate other plants better suited to display outdoors. If kept indoors, they would require a lot of effort and money to maintain.

Preserved Moss Wall

Preserved moss wall art is an excellent choice for those who want both beauty and benefits of blooming nature in their home. Since it doesn’t breathe or live like living moss wall, it requires minimal upkeep. On top of that, it resembles real moss in both appearance and texture.

So, while well-maintained living moss walls last for many years, a preserved moss wall last a lifetime without needing constant care.

Artificial Moss Wall

If you’re on a tight budget or can’t take care of living plants because of your schedule, you can consider using artificial or faux living moss wall for your art.

But it is crucial to keep in mind that even though artificial moss may be more cost-effective than real moss, it still looks…artificial.

Moreover, it does not provide any of the benefits of living plants.

Create Your Design

When it comes to designing a moss art wall, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few beginner-freindly yet beautiful design ideas you can go for:

Moss art on wall in living room

Framed Moss Art

Framed moss art is a low-maintenance, low-water alternative to traditional wall art. A living moss picture frame doesn’t need dirt or sunlight to survive, so cleaning it is simple. People prefer it over huge DIY moss art walls since they are easier to maintain.

You can install it in your home, office, and outdoor spaces.

Colorful Moss Art

If you’ve got a neutral-colored wall, this moss art will add a burst of flare. Instead of focusing on an all-green look, this design includes multiple tones and colors to build a unique abstract.   You can create it however you want and whatever reflects your style.

The types of moss that come in a variety of colors are Spanish moss and lichen. Use the green moss as the foundation and gradually add these colorful moss art pieces with hot glue.

Unique Moss art

As the name suggests, a unique moss wall art is designed just how you like it. Make a layout of what you have in mind and have it come alive on those blank walls. You can either use reindeer moss, sheet moss, wood, twigs, or anything you want to create your very own moss art.

Large/ Small

The last and most obvious pointers of them all is choosing a moss art based on how much space you have. If you don’t have enough space on your wall, you can create small moss art pieces and hang it around the house. However, if you have a huge blank wall that is not visually appealing, you can add a huge DIY moss wall art to enhance it’s overall look.

Other Considerations

Apart from the above, there are some other things you should keep in mind such as:


No matter what interior design project you are taking up, always consider the cost. It varies depending on the type, size, and design of the moss art. If you are on a budget, getting a smaller, low maintenance preserved moss would be an ideal option.


By now, you know that moss wall art doesn’t require much maintenance. However, the degree varies depending on the type of moss. If you choose live moss, the maintenance degree would be high.

On the other hand, if you choose preserved moss, it will need little to no maintenance.


Placing your art is another crucial factor you must consider. Moss wall art can be placed both indoors and outdoors, as long as it gets enough sunlight and adequate temperature. If you plan on installing it inside, make sure it has source of UV light.

If you want to place it outside, you can use preserved moss since it won’t be impacted by the weather.

Where to Buy

There are lot of options, both offline and online. You can get ready-made moss wall art from Etsy, Amazon, or any of the local online stores. I found some great ones on Etsy. If you want to create DIY moss wall, you can purchase pre made moss panels and equipment from the same websites and watch a DIY tutorial video for inspiration.

Moss wall on concrete


Is moss wall art living or dead?

A moss art wall is alive. It needs water, food, and a adequate light to survive.

Does preserved moss die?

There is no need to worry about caring for preserved moss, since it has already done through a drying process the moss will not die.  Living moss walls on the other hard require regular maintenance in order to keep alive. 

How long does a moss wall art last?

It depends on the type of moss and how well it is maintained.  Moss art can last for months to years with the right care, depending on how often it’s cleaned and if it’s being watered regularly.

How can you keep this art from decaying?

To preserve this art, you will need glycerin and denatured alcohol. Mix them both and soak the moss in this mixture to allow penetration. Preserved moss art is best kept from decaying through regular vacuuming to remove the build up of dust and loose dirt.

Final Thougths

Moss wall pieces are a great way to add more greenery and liveliness to your living space with little maintenance.

You may already have most of what you need to do this project at home with the addition of some well-placed moss on a wood frame. Apart from having numerous health benefits, they make a great eye-catching piece for your guests.

The best part is that you can play around with the designs and shapes to create one of your own. Bring in nature with these wall art pieces and make your home a living wonder!

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