7 Best Greenhouse Shelf Ideas: Grow More With Less Space

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Brock Ingham
Brock Ingham

Greenhouse shelves are a great way to free up space in your greenhouse. They are the perfect accessory for storing plants and a good shelving system can help to create a maintenance schedule for keeping tabs on your greenery.

The best thing about greenhouse shelving is that there are different varieties and materials to choose from. Some growers prefer wall mounted or hanging shelves, whereas others prefer portable shelves that can be moved around easily.

K 1 Greenhouse Shelf

A good rule of thumb when purchasing shelving is to think about how many plants you want to shelve. Adding too many at once will overcrowd the area which can make it hard for you move around easily. You also need to consider how big your plants will grow and whether or not the shelves will be able to support them once fully grown.

In this article, I will explore what to look for when purchasing shelving products, including a list of units with the best features.

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Is Greenhouse Shelving Worth It?

Greenhouse shelving is worth the effort if you are dedicated to looking after your plants. Not only does it free up greenhouse space, shelves are useful storage spaces for other equipment such as seeds, potting soil and other gardening tools. Here are some useful tips I think may help you to get the most out of your shelving

Start Small

Try not to go crazy and fill your greenhouse with shelving units before testing the waters. Try using one shelf to begin with and see how you like it. Placing small or newly sprouted plants on a shelf is the best way to test this as once they start to grow bigger, it will give you a good idea of how many shelves your greenhouse may need.

Don’t Overcrowd

Don’t overcrowd the shelves by placing as many pots together as possible. Remember, your crops need space to grow, particularly if they have a lot of foliage. Each leaf needs sunlight to keep the cells healthy, so it’s important that they don’t overlap. Furthermore, planting different varieties of the same plant together creates a chance of unwanted cross-pollination, which may impact the quality of fruits and veggies you plan to grow.

Take Your Pick

Portable, wall-mounted and pipe shelves are all great choices when considering what kind of units to purchase. Portable shelves are convenient if you like to rearrange once in a while, or you’re slowly building your green empire and may require a larger greenhouse in future.

On the other hand, wall-mounted shelves save space on the ground and keep plants up and out of reach of young children or pets. Pipe shelves are ideal for hanging baskets and are actually very aesthetically pleasing.

Choose Wire Mesh Or Perforated Shelves

While I agree that every greenhouse benefits from a potting bench, they aren’t ideal for placing plants on because the shelves are solid. Wire mesh or perforated shelves allow proper air circulation and enhance drainage for your growing plants.

Sturdy shelf

DIY Shelving

If you’d rather save some cash, you could always create your own shelves using repurposed materials. Dresser drawers, kitchen caddies and old plastic crates are ideal for a unique take on greenhouse shelving. It’s eco-friendly too!

What Are The Advantages of Greenhouse Shelving?

You won’t realize just how advantageous shelving in your greenhouse can be until you have it installed. That’s why I’m going to tell you the benefits so you can make that purchase today.


Firstly, shelving reduces clutter and helps you to better organize the area. No longer will you be fumbling around trying to fight your way through flowers and foliage. Having a well organized shelving system will help you keep on top of plant maintenance such as watering and trimming.

Allows For Proper Water Drainage and Air Circulation

If at the moment, your plants are lined up on benches or on the ground, there is a good chance they are lacking proper air circulation and water drainage. Shelving them will give access to these absolutely essential elements.

For example, plants placed on shelving allow water to drip down through the plant pots (more so for perforated shelving). When it comes to air circulation, plants placed higher up will receive better circulation from fans than those placed lower down.

greenhouse shelf

More Storage Space

As well as holding potted plants, shelves are a good place to hold other means of equipment such as potting soil, gardening tools and even electrical equipment such as thermometers/hygrometers/ fans, etc.

Best Greenhouse Shelving

So, while we’re on the subject, it might be a good idea for me to show you what kind of shelves are on the market today. Hopefully, there may be one or two that you like the look of. Let’s take a peek.

Amazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable, Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit

Amazon basics

These strong heavy duty shelves can hold up to 1400 pounds in weight which is more than enough to support any plants or machinery in your greenhouse.

Constructed using strong alloy steel, the Amazon basics shelving system is durable and above all, easy to assemble.


  • No tools required for assembly
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable


  • Mechanical look may not be appealing to those wanting a more natural environment in their greenhouse

OGORI Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand 3-Tier Foldable Organizer

OGORI bamboo

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly product, the OGORI bamboo ladder may be the choice for you. This attractive shelving unit is foldable for times when it is not in use and as well as being eco-friendly, it is also resistant to decay.

It is suitable for small potted plants and the crossbar design allows sunlight to reach through the cracks.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • The base contains strong steeled screws to bear the brunt of the weight
  • The bamboo is moisture resistant which is ideal for use in a greenhouse where the atmosphere can be humid.


  • Only useful for small, lightweight plants.
  • Bamboo has a distinguishable smell that some may not be a fan of.

JEPRECO Metal Plant Stand 8 Tier 9 Potted, Multiple Flower Pot Holder


The JEPRECO 8 tier shelving unit is both practical and attractive. It can hold up to 9 potted plants with each tier being able to hold a maximum weight of 20 pounds. The perforated shelves allow sunlight to reach plants no matter what shelf they are positioned on.

Constructed out of iron, the unit is water and rust-proof which is ideal for use in a greenhouse setting.


  • Every assembly tool you need is found in the packaging
  • If you’re not happy with the product you can contact JEPRECO for an exchange/refund.
  • The mesh base of each shelf allows adequate light and air permeation


  • It can only hold 9 potted plants which may not be enough if you own a lot of greenery
  • It can only hold smaller plants and the top shelves may be difficult to reach.

Olkheniif 3-Tier Mini Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor Portable Shelves


This set of shelves is both sturdy and durable. Complete with a high-quality PVC cover, the Olkheniif 3-tier mini greenhouse can be moved outdoors if needed and the plants inside will not be damaged by harmful UV rays or volatile weather conditions.

Designed with just 3 tiers, this shelving unit is the perfect height for children to reach and help out with the plants.


  • Easy to set up and store away if needed
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Doubles as a mini greenhouse that can be placed elsewhere or used to accommodate plants in need of more warmth  


  • Hard to find replacement pieces for the cover if they break
  • If you choose to place fully outdoors, the cover does not offer a great deal of ventilation

Palram Heavy Duty Greenhouse Shelf Kit, 4 Pack

Palram 1

If you are looking to save as much greenhouse space as possible, you may want to look at purchasing mounted shelving. These Palram units are the perfect way to do so.

Constructed using corrosion resistant aluminum, these shelves can hold up to 90lbs worth of plants. An added benefit is that the shelves can be placed next to one another, or stacked vertically. You can fit as many as your greenhouse allows.


  • Palram offers a 1 year warranty upon the purchase of this product
  • Compatible with a variety of Palram greenhouses
  • The product includes hangers for baskets or trellising


  • They are on the expensive side
  • A bit difficult to install compared to stand alone shelves

Amazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable, Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit

Amazon basics with wheels

The great thing about this product is that it has wheels! No need to take all your plants off the shelves before moving it, instead you can simply wheel it to its new spot. You can also remove the wheels if preferred.

This unit has 4 shelves and can hold a total weight of 1500 lbs. That’s 350 lbs a shelf! You’ll have no problem assembling this tool-free product.


  • Can be used to hold accessories such as watering cans, electrical equipment and other tools.
  • Each shelf is adjustable so you can alter the height of each to your preference
  • The wheels have a locking mechanism for safety purposes


  • Amazon basics is not known for their high tier of quality as the name suggests

Woodside 2 Tier Galvanised Steel Greenhouse Potting/Work Bench

potting bench

If you own a small greenhouse, you may require a shelving unit to fit a couple of plants on as well as accessories such as potting soil, watering cans and gardening tools. The Woodside potting bench is the perfect product for this with its durable steel base and easy to clean smooth surfaces.

With a length of 115cm and a height of 80cm, this 2-tier workbench is convenient as a workstation inside your greenhouse.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Good for placing seed trays and other plant-related equipment


  • Not ideal for large greenhouses
  • The tiers are not perforated so plants placed on the lower tier may struggle to find light.

What To Look For in Greenhouse Shelving

So what features should you be looking out for when it comes to greenhouse shelving ideas? Take a look at the information below to help you work out what might be best for your greenhouse.


The majority of shelving is constructed from metal, wood, plastic and even wire mesh. While wooden shelves are much more aesthetically pleasing than other materials, it isn’t as durable as the metal kind and over time can suffer from mold or chip away.

Compatibility With Other Shelving

While this doesn’t mean that the shelving options you choose have to be the same, purchasing multiple shelves of similar dimensions and height will allow you to plan your layout more easily. Adjustable shelves are ideal so you can alter each product accordingly so every plant is at the same height.

plants on shelf

Crowding of Plants

Have a look at the type of plants that will be shelved. If they are currently beginning to grow, consider how high they will potentially grow and ask yourself if they even require shelving. You will also need to space your plants out across the shelving so the foliage does not crowd. This may cause damage to the leaves if the light is unable to reach them.

Crowding can also lead to cross-pollination which some growers allow, but it can also lead to the failure of a crop or plant.

Ease of Installation and Moving

Storage space that is easy to install and move around is the best kind. You may find yourself rearranging your greenhouse from time to time and being able to move your shelving around easily is an added bonus.

Getting The Most Out of Your Shelving

In order to get the most of your greenhouse shelving, you need to look after it. While most are designed from rust-resistant materials, you should do your best to keep them clean (particularly if made out of wood).

Another idea is to add organizational trays to work benches to keep the environment organized and neat.

If you notice any broken shelving, or see that wall-mounted items are coming loose, always act immediately to fix the problem before you wake up to a bunch of broken plant pots!

Final thoughts

Greenhouse shelving is the best way to fit as many plants as possible into your greenhouse. Factors such as ease of installation, materials, and how much weight a shelf can hold should all be considered before making a purchase.

I hope this article has given you an idea or two about what kind of shelves are out there, and how they can free up space in your greenhouse.

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