7 Best AeroGarden Flowers to Grow

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Brock Ingham
Brock Ingham

Flowers are a colorful addition to any household. With AeroGarden, you can decorate the inside of your home with beautiful flowers all year long – not just in spring.

Crimson Snapdragons
Crimson Snapdragons

I have used this smart indoor garden to grow a variety of flowers. They make your house smell great. They are said to uplift your mood, and flower arrangements make great presents when your in a pinch.

Flowers are so beneficial, not to mention beautiful. Therefore, I have put together this complete guide on what kind of flowers you can grow in an AeroGarden, how to take care of them, transplant them in your garden outside (if you want) and how long they will survive inside. In other words, I answer everything you need to know about AeroGarden flowers in this growing guide.

Let’s get to it.

What Kind of Flowers Can You Grow in an AeroGarden?

AeroGarden offers you a wide variety of seed pod kits to grow flowers. Pre-seeded pods are the most straightforward option when it comes to growing anything in this indoor garden. However, some flowers grow taller than others. Smaller flower varieties prove to be easier to grow inside. With bigger flowers, you will have to transplant them once they can survive outdoor weather.

Whatever your choice may be, you can grow many different flower kinds with AeroGarden. I have compiled a list of seven of my favorite AeroGarden flowers to grow. You can opt to harvest these or go for your favorites with the Grow Anything Kit. Having troubles deciding which AeroGarden is best suited for your needs? Check out our AeroGarden buyers guide.  

1. Petunias

Aergoarden Petunias
Pink Petunias growing

Arguably, the crowd favorite of flowers to grow in an AeroGarden are Petunias. You can grow Cascading Petunia or Picobella Carmine Mini Petunia varieties inside your home.

The Cascading Petunia seed pod kit contains three different colored blooms (pink, purple, and white). In contrast, the Picobella Carmine Mini Petunia is a part of the Love Blooms seed pod kit. The Picobella Carmine is a delicate mini pink petunia. These flowers can be grown in all AeroGarden models and bloom beautifully in no time. Like most AeroGarden flowers, Petunias are harvest-ready in a month and keep on harvesting for almost half a year.

You can transplant them to your outside garden in spring if you want.

2. Mixed Snapdragons

Mixed Snapdragons
Field of red and yellow Snapdragons

Another vibrant flower to grow in an AeroGarden is a Snapdragon. Their name derives from the shape of their head, which looks somewhat like the snout of a dragon.

A mixed variety of Snapdragon pods are available in the English Cottage Seed pod kit. In addition, you can add Snapdragons to your customized flowers seed pod kit if you wish.

Depending on the type, these flowers tend to grow tall – anywhere between 6 – 48 inches when mature. Therefore, they make a great case to be transplanted outside when the weather allows it. They thrive between spring (even fall) and tend to slow down during mid-summer when planted out.

3. Red, White, and Yellow Zinnias

zinnias in the garden
zinnias in the garden

A brilliant addition to your indoor garden, Zinnia seed pods come in three colors – red, white, and yellow. The ease of having pre-seeded pods makes growing these flowers almost no work at all. However, zinnias can grow quite tall, so you have to prune and harvest them regularly (they look great in a vase). You can also transplant them outside.

4. Marigold Flowers

Garden of Marigold flowers

Beautiful Durango Orange Marigolds grow about ten inches tall when they mature. Marigolds are one of the best flowers you can grow in hydroponics so it’s no surprise you can grow them in an AeroGarden with the provided seed pods. You can either go for the customized seed pod kit or the Incredible Edibles seed pod kits for Marigolds.

Marigolds brighten up any dessert or salad. However, the base petals tend to be bitter. You can sprinkle the petals at the top as a garnish.

5. Gypsophila Flowers

Aerogarden Gypsophila
Raised bed with Gypsophila Flowers

Gypsophila, commonly known as “baby’s breath,” is an excellent choice to plant around the edges of your AeroGarden. It has tiny white flowers that cascade around the corners and add to any flower arrangement. They are usually used to accent brighter flowers centered in your smart garden.

Gypsophila needs regular pruning to avoid spilling uncontrollably over the sides (or front) of the AeroGarden. However, pruning serves this plant well as it grows back.

For Orange Gazanias, seed kits are available, making them an easy choice to plant for a brighter home. You can get them in the customized seed pot or the Mountain Meadows seed pot kit.

6. Gazanias

white and purple gazania flowers
white and purple gazania flowers

Since Gazanias grow low, reaching only eight to ten trenches of mature height, you should take extra care they are getting enough light. Otherwise, they might get overshadowed and not bloom vivaciously.

7. Pansies

Aerogarden Pansies
Close-up of a purple Pansie

Pansies are another beautiful kind of flower available in a variety of bright colors. Since these flowers only grow about 6 to 9 inches tall, you can grow them indoors to add color to your kitchen counter or any flower arrangement. Due to their compact nature, they are a great addition to any flowering balcony.

If you want to grow pansies in an AeroGarden:

  1. Keep in mind that seed kits are not available, and you will have to make your own.
  2. Just purchase the Grow Anything kit and pansy seeds.
  3. Insert three seeds in each grow sponge and plug them in the grow baskets with the dome.
  4. Click it in the AeroGarden and watch them bloom.

Can you Grow Lavender in AeroGarden?

Aerogarden lavender
bush of French Lavender

With its signature fragrance and purple color, one cannot overlook Lavender’s rise as one of the most used ingredients in beauty products, edibles, and pollinator gardens. With your AeroGarden, you can get your hands on Lavender whenever you want – yes, it’s that easy to grow.

Lavender seed pod kits make growing this beautiful blooming herd a child’s play. You can get the pre-seeded pods in the Lots of Lavender seed kit. However, due to its bright color, fragrance, and calming properties, it makes an appearance in many other pre-selected seed kits as well.

Lavender blooms in almost a month and a half, and you can keep harvesting from it for the next three to six months.

How to Care for Aerogarden Flowers?

If you are growing flowers from seed kits in an AeroGarden, then all you need to look after is that the plants are getting enough light, and you are periodically checking up on the water requirements and the plant food needs. Even if you make your seed pods, as long as you take care of the water level and the nutrients, the smart garden does most of the work for you.

However, it is crucial that once your flowers are in full bloom, you keep your running shears ready. Regular pruning will keep your plant healthy. When harvesting or pruning the flower plants, keep an eye out for any dead leaves or blooms.

As soon as you see any rotten parts on a plant, make sure to remove them. If you leave the plant be, there will be a risk of the rot spreading to the other, healthy parts of the plant. In that case, you might damage the whole plant. It is always better to be safe and check the plant for any damaged, rotten leaves or flowers.

Note: When pruning plants to propagate growth, never take off more than 1/3th of the plant. Taking off too many stems or leaves can cause the plant to die.

How to Transplant AeroGarden Flowers?

AeroGarden flowers tend to grow rather quickly, and sometimes, depending on their kind, they might even outgrow your smart garden. In that case, you can transplant them into flower pots to keep them on a brightly lit window sill or in an outdoor garden.

When planning to transplant flowers from an AeroGarden, make sure there is no danger of frost. Otherwise, delicate flowers won’t survive outside. Springtime and warmer weather suit flowers best, where they bloom and thrive.

To transplant AeroGarden flowers, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Pre- fertilize with specially formulated liquid nutrients

Prepare some pots with pre-fertilized soil ( I recommend it because it starts the flowers off with the nutrients they need). Pots with a hole at the bottom work well. Fill them halfway through with soil.

Step 2: Remove the flowers from the pods

Take the flower seed pod out of the AeroGarden. Be careful not to bruise the flower. Be very gentle as it could damage the plant. If this happens, your transplanted flower plants will not bloom any further.

Step 3: Examine roots and grow basket

Usually, I recommend you save the grow basket and try to wiggle out the grow sponge with the intertwined roots out of the grow basket. However, flowers are so delicate that you could ruin the plant altogether through unnecessary force. This may bruise the flowers, and you do not want that.

Step 4: Cut away grow basket

Take good-quality garden shears and cut the grow basket halfway through. Take the grow sponge out gently with the roots intact.

Step 5: Plant the grow sponge

Now, plant the grow sponge in moistened fertilized soil in the pot.

Step 6: pack with soil

Now, plant the grow sponge in moistened fertilized soil in the pot.

Step 7: Place the plant to grow

Place the plant in a well-lit area, away from direct sunlight to allow it to adapt to an outdoor environment. After a week, place the pot in sunlight but keep watering the plant.

Step 8: Harden the flowers

If you wish to plant the flowers in an outdoor garden, you should first “harden” the plant by gradually increasing exposure to sunlight over a week.

Step 9: Transplant

After a week, when you believe the plant has adapted well enough to an outdoor setting, you can dig a hole and place the flowering plant inside. Only do this when the temperature is on the warmer side, or you could end up killing your flower plant.

How Long will AeroGarden Flowers Live?

AeroGarden flowers grow at a fascinating speed. Flower plant seeds will start the germination process in as little as two to three weeks. You should see the flowers bloom in a month and a half, sometimes even less.

Although the timings may vary for different kinds, AeroGarden flowers continue to bloom for six months or so. During this time, keep pruning the plant for optimal growth.

Remember that reasonable care is what keeps the plant going. Thus, when growing flowers from your seed pods, please provide them with the needed nutrients. You can buy plant food and feed the flower plants as require

Benefits of Growing Flowers Indoors

Apart from making your house look and smell great, growing flowers indoors proves beneficial in several ways.

Several studies have shown that growing flowers inside homes helps improve mental health. According to Erin Largo-Wight, Ph.D., Associate Professor of University of North Florida’s Department of Public Health, “Now it is both intuitive and scientifically known that adding elements of nature, like flowers, to interiors promotes well-being.”

Aerogarden flowers
AeroGarden growing mixed flowers

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Using your own Seeds in Grow Anything Pods

A Grow Anything seed kit has everything you need to grow your favorite kind of flowers (I have already talked about pansies), not available in a seed kits.

It comes with a grow basket, liquid plant food, labels, grow domes, and gro sponges. So get your own flowering plant seeds and insert them in the grow sponges.

When inserting seeds, make sure they are well placed in the grow sponge but don’t push too hard on them. Place the seeded sponges in the grow baskets and click them in the grow deck holes. Make sure the water tank below is filled and optimal liquid nutrients have been added.

Keep on checking your AeroGarden periodically to add plant food as required. Also, remove any dead leaves or excess debris as needed.

How to Reuse AeroGarden Pods From Your Seed Pod Kits

You can reuse components of the AeroGarden seed pod kit. Once the seeds have sprouted, you cannot use the grow sponges again. However, you can drastically reduce the costs of growing indoor plants if you save the plastic components, the grow basket and dome and make your own AeroGarden Pods!

To reuse the seed pods, you can either get new grow sponges or use alternative materials like Rockwool or a simple sponge that you can purchase from the dollar store. Some people also shape and dry their own grow sponges using peat moss.

Insert the new and seeded grow sponges or any alternative seed plugs in the old grow basket. However, before that, you must thoroughly clean the plastic seed plug holders and the grow domes. Ensure you get rid of any bacteria so that your new seeds can germinate and you can raise a healthy flowering plant.

Once the seeded sponge is placed on the recycled grow basket, click it in place. You can purchase new labels or use a cut-to-size business card with a hole in the center. Place it on top and put it on the grow domes.

The plastic components in the seed pod kit can be used several times before you finally discard them. Just ensure they are cleaned well before use, and you should be well on your way, saving lots of money while keeping up your indoor gardening habit.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read through the article, I shouldn’t need to emphasize how easy and beneficial it is for you to grow flowers inside your home with an AeroGarden. The indoor gardening system takes care of everything. On top of that, flowers brighten your home’s interior and improve your quality of life.

I hope I answered all your questions. In case you have any more, ask away in the comments below.

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