AeroGarden Farm Review

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Brock Ingham
Brock Ingham

Are you ready to up your gardening game and dive into the exciting world of home hydroponic gardening? The AeroGarden Farm is your perfect place to start.

I’ve taken a deep dive into smart indoor farming, and it’s changed what I’ve been able to grow . This gardening system is perfect for those with a green thumb (or hoping to grow one!). Imagine the satisfaction of harvesting your own organic, rich-tasting tomatoes or fiery peppers with ease all year round (even while it’s snowing) thanks to the wonders of Aerogarden’s technology.

Aerogarden farm

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Not only is the Aerogarden farm system ideal for growing taller plants like peppers or tomatoes, but it also offers a cost-effective solution for those looking to save money by growing their own food. If you’re wondering how this hydroponic kit works or which of the 4 Aerogarden farm models is right for you then you’re in good company.

So sit back, relax, and let me take you on a journey toward growing more food indoors with the space that you already have. Welcome to your new passion – happy hydroponic gardening!  

Since bigger yields are the main selling point of the AeroGarden Farm indoor gardens, these units are much bulkier than their countertop varieties. However, even if you are cramped for space, the 12 and 24-seed pod options of the Farm model provide the growing height needed while taking up minimal floor space. AeroGarden farm makes it possible to have an impressive indoor harvest of fresh produce all year long (Thank you Hydroponics!).

The AeroGarden Farm is perfect for those looking to upgrade their indoor gardens, with all the ease of the smaller models. Read on as I review various AeroGarden Farm models and discuss everything you need to know about these massive gardening units.

Quick Take Away – The tecnology behind all of the AeroGarden farm models is relativlye the same. The biggest difference is the height If you’re looking to grow lush tomato plants and sweet bell peppers then the taller Aerogarden Farm is the one you should get. However if it’s more greens youre looking for grow, try saving some cash and going for the AeroGarden 24 plus for all your leafy growing needs.

AeroGarden Farm Models Reviewed

The AeroGarden Farm models with the potential to grow 24 different plants yield the same product as a 6×6 garden outdoors, that’s some serious yield! The Farm models do grow all sorts of plants (minus tuberous varieties like hydroponic potatoes) indoors. In addition, the units come in 2 options as far as seed pods are concerned, 12 and 24. In fact, the AeroGarden Farm models compare closely to other indoor gardening options like the Gardyn or Tower Garden than their countertop solutions simply because of how many seeds you can “sow” and their vertical build.

While the Farm 12 models are designed for smaller spaces, with the option to stack them vertically to make more room, they often don’t provide any significant improvement from the 9-pod Bounty models. However, you get an extra foot of grow height on the XL model, which is important if you plan on consistently growing bell peppers or tomatoes in your AeroGarden.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL Review

The biggest AeroGarden Farm model, the Farm 24XL, has a grow height of 36-inches, allowing you to plant 24 seed pods simultaneously. The 24-seed pod farm model(s) come with two water basins and two grow lights, which is a neat little tweak since it allows you to grow various plants of different heights together. For example, you can grow herbs in one side and taller vegetables like tomato plants in the other.

Included in the AeroGarden Farm 24XL, you get:

  • Two sets of 60W LED grow lights
  • Split grow deck to allow plant variety
  • 24 seed pod slots
  • 36-inch grow height
  • Touch screen, Wi-Fi enabled, and Alexa compatible

The AeroGarden Farm 24XL comes with two 12-seed pod kits (Salad Bar Herbs and Lettuces, Heirloom Salad Greens, or Salad Bar Tomatoes), a trellis system, a power adapter, and liquid plant food. So you have everything you need to start your indoor garden with a simple setup.

My Top Pick 😊
AeroGarden Farm 24XL

AeroGarden Farm 24XL


The AeroGarden Farm 24XL is my favorite of the lot. The full spectrum lights are bright enough for my sun-loving veggies to thrive while offering enough height and growing room to step out of the dwarf variety seeds that are needed with shorter models.

  • Includes 2 60W LED adjustable height lamps
  • 36″ height allows for taller veggies like heirloom tomatoes
  • Automated timers and reminders for worry-free feeding
  • This size only makes sense if you plan on growing large vegetables that need growing space.

But, here’s the deal: even though setting up this farm model is pretty straightforward when you look at its size (you can begin to grow plants the very same day), it is a bit more challenging than smaller AeroGarden models. This is because there are many more parts to connect, but if you get to it and follow instructions carefully, the whole unit can be set up in less than an hour, quite impressive for a system this size.

Once the unit stands, you need to fill up the reservoir with water, follow the Quick Plant sequence to add liquid plant food, and pop in the seed pods. The hydroponic systems require no soil, only propagating plant growth with water, air, nutrients, and light.

081622 T130341 AeroGarden Farm24XL ALT 04 Lo Res jpg

The touch screen and the AeroGarden app allow you to control both sides of the garden with simple switching. You can adjust the height of the grow lights on either side accordingly, which helps small and tall plants grow together.

I’d have to say, this unit is quite expensive but totally worth in when you factor in all the money saved on produce. While you can dim the grow lights indefinitely, they need to be on for a certain amount of time for the plants to grow optimally. Overall, this is a wonderful indoor garden if you’re into serious gardening with yields that can easily feed a family regularly.

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus Review

Aerogarden farm basic

The AeroGarden Farm 24Plus is essentially the same unit as the Farm 24XL; the only difference is that it is a foot smaller in grow height. This Farm indoor garden has a grow height of 24-inches, compared to the 36-inches of the XL unit.

The fact that you are able to grow 24 plants instead of 9 like with the bounty basic put’s it on my list for the best value. Considering you would need nearly 3 of the bounty basic models to grow a similar amount of food, the cost per plant ends up being much lower with the Aerogarden Farm 24Plus.

While there is a significant increase in the number of seed pods (24), it has the same grow height as the 9-seed pod Bounty model. The idea of the shorter 24Plus model is that it fits in snug areas, with the option to stack another unit on top. That said, it is cheaper than the XL model by over $100. If you are good to only grow cherry or grape tomatoes VS. larger heirloom varieties then that extra savings could be worth it.

In essence, the AeroGarden Farm 24Plus is for those looking for good yields of shorter plants. However, you can also stack a Farm 24Plus unit on top of an AeroGarden Farm 24XL to make a garden wall inside your house. That way, you can use the Plus model for shorter plant varieties and let the taller plants thrive in the extended grow height of the Farm 24XL model.

With the AeroGarden Farm 24Plus, you get:

  • Dual 60W grow lights
  • 24-inch of grow height
  • 24 seed pod slots
  • Split grow deck to grow different plant varieties simultaneously

I recommend growing herbs and lettuce in the Farm 24 Plus models and avoiding bell pepper and tomatoes. The taller plants may often be a little cramped for space in the shorter 24Plus model. That said, that’s the only downside to this AeroGarden Farm model, which otherwise has all other primary features of its upgraded model (24XL), including Vacation Mode, split garden sides, two 60W grow lights, and plant food to grow plants as and when you like throughout the year.

Best ValuE 💰
AeroGarden Farm 24Plus

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus


The AeroGarden Farm 24Plus stacks up quite nicely against the more expensive 24XL farm. The biggest difference here is the lack of height. This model offers 2 feet of growing height compared to 3 feet from the XL version. If small crops are the name of your game then the money saved could be better used on buying seed packs or liquid nutrients.

  • Also comes with 2 60W Full-spectrum lights for optimal growing
  • Potential cost savings depending on what you plan on growing
  • Still large enough to handle Growing all sizes of pepper plants not just dwarf varieties
  • With 2 feet of growing height, large vining tomato plants are out of the question

Indoor gardening is just as simple with the Farm 24Plus as with other models from the company, with a one-touch Quick Plant setup, automated light sequence, and system alerts for nutrients and water levels.

If you do not intend to grow tall plants but want bigger yields, this might be the best AeroGarden unit for you in terms of versatility. However, I think spending a bit more for the Farm 24XL model makes sense for the added one foot of grow height, but it all depends on what you intend to grow. As a stackable model with other units for the AeroGarden Farm family, the Farm 24Plus works, in fact, very well. On its own, it may be a bit short on the grow height, but that is subjective to the grower.

In my experience, everything you can grow well almost every time with an indoor garden (herbs and salad greens) thrives on the Plus model.

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic Review

farm 24 basic Black 900950

As the name suggests, the AeroGarden Farm 24Basic is the simplest 24-pod model from the AeroGarden farm family. Once again, this Farm 24Basic model has much of the same AeroGarden Farm features as other more extensive offerings, but on the Basic version of this 24-seed pod unit, the grow lights only reach the maximum height of 12-inches.

Personally, the height limitation of the AeroGarden Basic was a deal breaker, 12 inches just simply isn’t enough height to grow juicy tomatoes of sweet bell peppers that don’t want to stretch past the grow lights.

Since this model has a growth height of just one foot, it can be kept on a countertop, given you have enough space. However, I think it still fares better on the floor or stacked with other Farm models by the wall.

With the AeroGarden Farm 24Basic model, you get:

  • Two 60W LED grow lights
  • 12-inch grow height
  • 24 seed pod slots
  • Split side gardening for extended plant variety

If you want to grow herbs and lettuce for the entire family, then Farm 24Basic provides ample seed pod slots to do the same. But, the 1-foot grow light wont be ideal for taller plants especially heirloom varieties that you may want to grow from your own custom seed pods. However, AeroGarden has cultivated their own seeds of dwarf varieties of larger vegetables like tomatoes which grow exceptionally well in small spaces.

My least Favorite ☹️
Farm 24 Basic

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic model


At this point, a trend should be emerging in the AeroGarden Farm Features and benefits of larger models – Height. The Farm 24 Basic is a notch down from the 24 plus and measures in at 12 inches in growing height.

  • More growing space than what I’m used to in the bounty and harvest models.
  • Perfect for growing more lettuce and other low-growing veggies
  • Even some small varieties of pepper and tomato plants may not thrive given the height limitation
  • Loosing 1-2 feet in height is not worth the price point in my opinion

The dual grow lights can be maneuvered automatically to your desired height, so shorter and taller plants can be grown side by side. So if you want to try your luck at a larger variety, even if they do not work out, you will have plenty of herbs and salad greens to enjoy on the other side of the garden.

This AeroGarden Farm model is easy to set up and, like its bigger versions, provides automatic alerts on your phone and display. In addition, the system guides you throughout the growth cycle, prompting you to take the necessary steps (add water, add nutrients, fix the lights) whenever needed. So, even if you haven’t had much success with keeping plants alive in the past, this possibility goes down drastically with AeroGarden models.

One problem with TWO 60W LED grow lights is that they can be very bright, but you have the option of dimming them infinitely. You can also schedule when the lights stay on and off as per your liking. Overall, the Farm 24 basic is great for larger families looking to grow more herbs and leafy greens but don’t expect much fruit from your labor.

AeroGarden Farm 12XL Review

farm 12 xl Black 900940

The AeroGarden Farm 12XL, on the other hand, is a bit more my speed. While the growing area width is half the size of the 24 Farm models the 36″ height allows for a wider variety of hobby growing.

Suitable for smaller homes, the Farm 12 XL AeroGarden model allows the growth of 12 plants in one go. While it definitely does not match the 24-seed pot slots of the Farm 24 models, it is a good addition for anyone looking to grow taller plants in a modest space. Heirloom tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, no problem !

With the AeroGarden Farm 12XL, you get:

  • One 60W grow light system
  • 12-seed pod kit
  • 36-inch grow height
  • Wi-Fi enabled, with automated alerts for plant food and water

The Farm 12XL has 12 seed sponge slots as opposed to most Farm varieties that allow twice the amount. This naturally means that there is no dual gardening in this system, and only one 60W grow light is provided. However, if you wish to grow taller plants (like bell peppers and tomatoes) and want to provide them ample space to thrive as they complete their growth cycle, this may be a good option for you.

Best For Hobby Gardener ⚗️
AeroGarden Farm 12XL

AeroGarden Farm 12XL


Perfect for the hobby gardener. The tall adjustable light can accommodate a wide variety of seed types from heirloom peppers to vining tomatoes. You won’t be stressed about needing more height.

  • Tall enough for most vining and staking plants
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to put together
  • Half the production of the AeroGarden 24 models
  • More expensive on a cost-per-plant basis
Buy Now

The unit assembly is a little more complicated than the Bounty models, which have only three fewer slots, but nothing that cannot be hatched out in under an hour if you follow the instructions carefully. The gardening is pretty simple with Wi-Fi enablement that allows you to manage your garden from your phone. You also get the same alerts for water and nutrients on display.

The touchscreen also allows you to choose options for lighting – when to turn them on or off and selecting the Sunrise/Sunrise feature to put your plants to bed and wake them up gently. These features and the full spectrum of LED lights mimic the outdoors for a thriving, bountiful garden in no time.

The Farm 12XL, despite only housing one 12-seed pod kit at a time, is a good choice for taller plants, especially if you are on a budget. On the other hand, the Farm 24XL, with the same grow height of 36-inches, is over $200 pricier, albeit providing double the yield. If your more interested in watching your plants grow then the amount of food you get from each harvest this AeroGarden is for you.

What’s Included in your AeroGarden Farm?

The AeroGarden Farm family is a hydroponic garden, which comes with everything you need for the thriving garden in the vicinity of your home.

The indoor garden includes the following things in the package for a quick set-up-and-enjoy process.

Seed Pods with Growing Medium

The AeroGarden Farms come with seed pot kits that include the growing medium or seed sponge. For the 12-seed pod Farm models, you can choose one out of three (Salad Bar Herbs and Lettuces, Heirloom Salad Greens, or Salad Bar Tomatoes) pre-seeded 12 pod kits, and for the Farm 24 models, you can choose between any 2 12 -seed pod kits, the same options are available.


The seed pod also comes with a 100% germination guarantee, so if they do not sprout in the given time frame, you can call AeroGarden and ask for a free-of-cost replacement.

Grow Domes for Seedlings

The seed pot kits also contain grow domes which are essential for seed germination and for the seedlings to sprout correctly. Once you lock the seed baskets on the grow tray, the seed domes go on top to contain the humidity and regulate the temperature. When the seedlings start to get about the same height as the domes, you can pop them off and allow the plant to grow to its full size.

Lights and Light Stand

All Farm models have 60W LED grow lights. However, 24- seed slot models come with dual lights, and the 12-seed slot units come with only one. In addition, the AeroGarden Farm grow light system is a little different from its countertop versions. Here, the lights are suspended over the plants through hanging metal wires that you can control via the touchscreen or the app.

The dual LED light panels on the 24 Farm models can be controlled separately, allowing you to grow plants simultaneously with different maximum growth heights. So, you can grow fresh herbs, leafy greens, peppers, and tomatoes all in one go.

Water Basin and Pump

farm xl with wifi

Since the Farm models are much larger, the water basin needs support, which comes from metal rods that go under and on the side of the unit to keep it stable. The Farm 24 models have two water basins attached with a water pump each, and the Farm 12 models have one of the same.

The water pump runs at intervals to provide nutrients to the root system as required for healthy growth. Despite the enormous size, the AeroGarden Farm models run very quietly. Remember to replace the water once a month and clean the pump if required, as it can hinder plant growth.

Plant Food

 AeroGarden nutrients come in the form of liquid plant food, which needs to be added as suggested and prompted by the system. When the plant food needs to be added to the water basin, the grower will be automatically reminded via an alert. These alerts are shown on the unit display and their phone through the AeroGarden app.

Following the alerts and adding adequate plant food is necessary for growing plants in the AeroGarden system. Since there is no soil to provide nutrients to the root system, plant food plays an essential role in growing your own fresh produce.

Starter Seed Pack

I have already talked about how to get the choice of selecting from the 12 -pod seed kits to start your farm gardens. These seed kit(s) are included in your AeroGarden package. However, you can also buy a Seed Starting System for Farm models separately from AeroGarden. These kits allow you to start seeds earlier and transplant them outdoors or in a pot when the weather is good.

The seed starting tray can replace the grow deck and allows you to start 85 seeds in one go. Once the weather permits, you can plant the starter plants outside, significantly increasing your growing season.

What can you Grow in your AeroGarden Farm?

081622 T130341 AeroGarden Farm24XL ALT 06 Lo Res jpg

The AeroGarden Farm is the most versatile unit among AeroGarden systems. The Farm family not only allows planting up to 24 AeroGarden seeds, but it also features models with a grow height of 36-inches, allowing growing taller plants like never before.

The bigger units also come with dual LED lights, which ensure that you can grow short plants (like herbs) and taller plants (like tomatoes and peppers) together. In addition, the control panel has separate controls from both sides of the garden, which frees you from worrying bout shorter plants not receiving enough light.

Thus, with the larger models and intelligent construction of the AeroGarden farm, there is almost no limit to what you can grow. You can start safe with herbs and salad greens, or try your luck with tomatoes, chili, and bell peppers.

If the pre-seeded kits are not your style, you can customize them with anything you want from the AeroGarden seed variety, including flowers. Moreover, you can get your own seeds and order a Grow Anything Seed Kit to plant anything you desire. A note of caution, though, since the AeroGarden works without soil and with the hydroponics principle, it will not grow root vegetables or tubers like potatoes. So, although technically, you can start the plant in the indoor garden and then transplant them to the soil, there is a high chance the experiment might not work.

Grow Taller Plants

Like I said, growing taller plants was never easier with an AeroGarden than in the Farm models. With the Farm 24 XL’s 36-inch grow height, you can quickly grow taller plants like heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, squash, and broccoli.

The Farm models not only have the desired height to allow these plants to grow to their full potential without needing to be transplanted, but they also are wide enough for comfortable outward growth.

How Does AeroGarden Work?

081622 T130341 AeroGarden Farm24XL ALT 08 Lo Res jpg 1

AeroGarden uses aeroponics technology, a subset of Hydroponics, to grow plants without soil.

In an AeroGarden, the water in the grow basin is periodically added with special liquid plant food, which is then circulated through the plant root system with the help of a pump in cycles. The nutrient water and the powerful LED lights mimic the soil and sun of an outdoor garden, respectively, allowing plants to thrive without the guesswork of traditional gardening.

AeroGarden allows for a hands-off approach to indoor gardening, with all necessary reminders for water and nutrient additions displayed on the control panel and your phone (if your garden is Wi-Fi enabled). All you need to do is follow the alerts, and your garden should be ready to harvest in a few weeks.

Using Hydroponics like the AeroGarden to grow plants is much more efficient than relying on soil for nutrients.

“Hydroponics is the most efficient method of feeding plants through the introduction of pure nutrient salts into the water. When you cut soil out of the equation, you bypass soil-borne diseases, and the plant’s roots no longer have to search through the soil for nutrients.”

Keith Roberto

Where to Buy AeroGarden Farm?

You can buy AeroGarden Farm from the AeroGarden website, which usually has some coupons or discounted offers. Alternatively, you can also find these units on Amazon.

Other AeroGarden Models

Suppose the AeroGarden Farm models are too big for your home or have higher maintenance than you’d like. In that case, smaller AeroGardens come with almost similar features and technology, all the while being suitable to stay on your countertop.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a 6-seed pod unit with a grow height of 12-inches. It has 20W grow lights, allowing herbs and leafy greens to grow on your countertop. However, since the Harvest is a smaller unit, it does not come with a touchscreen or Wi-Fi.

AeroGarden Bounty White
AeroGarden Bounty growing basil

AeroGarden Bounty

The biggest of the countertop models, the AeroGarden Bounty, can be used to plant 9 plants at once, with a grow height of 24-inches. Besides the basic models, all other Bounty units have Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility. The most advanced unit of the Bounty Family even has a Sunrise/ Sunset setting. Thus, you get all the features of the farm models in a unit compact enough to stay on your countertop.

AeroGarden Sprout

The AeroGarden Sprout is an excellent beginner indoor garden for a single person. With 3 seed pod slots and 10W grow light, this unit can bring an endless supply of herbs and leafy greens to your home all year. The 10-inch grow height allows only for smaller plants to grow, but its size is compact enough to make space in all kinds of homes.

Gardyn with woman
Woman standing next to her Gardyn

AeroGarden Farm Vs. Gardyn

AeroGarden Farm takes the same vertical approach to indoor gardening as Gardyn. However, in Gardyn, you can grow as many as 30 plants simultaneously, whereas the AeroGarden Farm’s largest unit can only plant 24 seed pods. While both the units work on the principles of Hydroponics, the water in the Gardyn circulates through the pipes.

Gardyn wins more points in my book on having an extremely efficient smart assistant Kelby, whereas the AeroGarden unit’s Alexa compatibility is sketchy at best. That said, AeroGarden also gives all reminders through the control panel. One downside to Gardyn is that once you refill the seed cubes, you need to sprout them separately before inserting them.

iHarvest Strawberries 1
iHarvest growing strawberries

AeroGarden Farm Vs. iHarvest

The iHarvest is another indoor garden that can grow 30 plants simultaneously, compared to the maximum seed pot capacity of 24 of the Farm models. However, you need at least some basic gardening knowledge before getting your hands on the iHarvest. You will be required to do many things manually (setting the timer, checking the water pH, etc.) that are already taken care of in the AeroGarden Farm.

The AeroGarden Farm also has a stackable option, making it ideal for growing large crops of strawberries right from the comfort of your home.

AeroGarden Farm Vs. Tower Garden

While the Tower Garden allows you to grow twenty plants both indoor and outdoor, it can be challenging to successfully do so since you need to sprout your seeds before they can go in the garden. The AeroGarden Farm, on the other hand, is much more tech-oriented, with all the hard work already done for you.

You also need to check pH levels and manually mix the nutrients in the water tank in the Tower Garden, which can be a bit of a hassle. Both units can grow more or less the same plants, but the AeroGarden Farm’s grow lights make it a better choice for taller plants.

Click and grow
Mother and daughter harvesting from their click and grow

AeroGarden Farm Vs. Click & Grow

The Click & Grow gardening system has two varieties with 3 pods and 9 pods, respectively. While the band has no units as big as the Farm, they sell a plant stand separately, which can house three 9-pod Click & Grow models. Thus you can grow 27 plants at once, but it’s not an integrated unit like the AeroGarden Farm. The Click & Grow systems are beginner-friendly and easy to use without needing to add nutrients. Just fill the water tank and click the plant pods in place for the garden to start working.

However, while user-friendly, the Click & Grow gives much less control to the grower than the AeroGarden.

Best Choice

AeroGarden Farm 24Pro

Farm 24XL
  • 60W LED Grow Lights
  • Growing Trellis
  • Deep Water Culture System
  • Low Water And Plant Food Reminders
  • Includes 24 Miracle Grow Seed Pods
Good Value

Sensh Tower

Sensh tower
  • Independent Layer Control
  • Growing App Included
  • 1-Year Return Or Repair Guarantee
  • Deep Water Culture System
  • 30-Watt LED
Low COSt

iDOO Hyrdroponic

Idoo Hyrdroponic
  • Low Cost
  • Adjustable Height
  • Kratky System
  • 34-Watt LED
  • No Air Circulation

My Final Thoughts

The AeroGarden Farm family has the company’s largest indoor gardens and can house up to 24 pods. There are Farm 12 units that can grow 12 plants at once. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose the best Farm unit for yourself. Remember that Farm units have varying grow heights, but the same 60W grow lights in all models.

Think of what you want to grow when buying any Farm models, and then select the one with the suitable grow height. If space and budget are not an issue, then the Farm 24XL is the best choice regarding growth versatility. However, you can grow almost everything, bar the really tall plants, with the AeroGarden Farm Plus.

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